Getting to Know the TAG Heuer Carrera

In the world of designer watches, there are only a few reliable names in the marker. Tag Heuer is one of these selective names. The story of this brand started in the 19th century, more exactly in 1882, when Edouard Heuer patented the first chronograph. He was also the first to make dashboard chronographs. Starting from the 1950s, they have been making chronographs.

Jack Heuer was the one who launched the Carrera in 1963. At that time, this model was a rather simple one, with a fixed internal bezel split into 1/5 seconds. The Carrera was famous for the special registers on the dial, which were available in all-white, all-black, with black registers on white dials and white registers on black dials. Recently, in 2011, the Carrera Mikrograph was released, which is famous for its accuracy. A limited edition of the model, the Carrerr MP4-12C, is also available, in the honor of F1 racer, McLaren.

Authentic or Replica

Currently, it is not easy at all to differentiate an original timepiece from a replica one. Most replica watch manufacturers pay extra attention to the finest details to be able to deliver perfect copies. It takes a genuine expert and people with close attention to fine details to recognize which one is an original Tag Heuer Carrera and which one is an excellent quality replica. Thus, if you desperately want a Tag Heuer Carrerra, but can’t afford to buy an authentic one, a Tag Heuer Carrera replica watch might just be the perfect option for you.